Atticrose Group

Glass Manufacturing

GlassAtticrose Group have supplied equipment into the Glass industry for manufacturing refractory components, as well as both Annealing and Tempering glass. Our furnaces and kilns are normally of bespoke design to suit the specific components and products being processed.

The combination of gas or electric firing and our SCADA based control systems maximise heating / cooling efficiency as well as provide the user with ultimate process control, providing high product quality and process repeatability.

Our Areas of expertise include:

  • Bespoke Machinery
  • Continuous Kilns 300 c – 1750 c
  • Intermittent Kilns 300 c – 1750 c
  • Continuous Furnaces 300 c – 1750
  • Intermittent Furnaces 300 c – 1750 c
  • Drying and Curing Ovens
  • Product Handling, Loading, and Transfer systems
  • Spare Parts and Aftersales Support
  • Fabricated assemblies for both manufacturing plant and facilities
  • Stainless Steel Fabricated structures and assemblies
  • Low Thermal Mass Fibre Lining, Replacement, and Removal
  • Refractory Castings
  • Control Systems and SCADA Packages
  • Upgrade and Refurbishment of existing Capital Equipment
  • Combustion system upgrades
  • Equipment relocation, Installation, and Commissioning
  • Maintenance and Servicing