Atticrose Group



Atticrose Group has been a leading supplier to the Ceramic Industry for over 80 years and takes pride in its policy to maintain complete UK operations to produce quality systems utilizing materials and equipment sourced wholly from within UK and Europe.

The trade name of BRICESCO is synonymous as a world leader for the design and supply of bespoke kiln installations and has supplied over 1500 projects to manufacturers of Sanitaryware, Advanced / Technical Ceramics, Heavy Clay and Whiteware / Tableware utilizing proven systems that are recognised as industry standards

Atticrose support both machinery manufacturers and end users by providing quality products and expert services ranging from Steel Fabrication , Handling Systems and particularly in this sector the provision of highly efficient Low Thermal Mass Insulation systems.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Bespoke Machinery
  • Continuous Kilns 300 c – 1750 c
  • Intermittent Kilns 300 c – 1750 c
  • Continuous Furnaces 300 c – 1750
  • Intermittent Furnaces 300 c – 1750 c
  • Drying and Curing Ovens
  • Product Handling, Loading, and Transfer systems
  • Spare Parts and Aftersales Support
  • Fabricated assemblies for both manufacturing plant and facilities
  • Stainless Steel Fabricated structures and assemblies
  • Low Thermal Mass Fibre Lining, Replacement, and Removal
  • Refractory Castings
  • Control Systems and SCADA Packages
  • Upgrade and Refurbishment of existing Capital Equipment
  • Combustion system upgrades
  • Equipment relocation, Installation, and Commissioning
  • Maintenance and servicing